Continuum of Care—Homeless Services

Homeless Services Program

If an individual or family is on the streets or residing in an emergency shelter, transitional housing program, permanent supportive housing program, or rapid rehousing program, they may be eligible for assistance. This program ideally works to fill the “gaps” in homeless services to help individuals and families overcome barriers to exiting homelessness. Those services may include identification, employment, education, health and other related expenses for which resources are otherwise unavailable in the community. In order to prevent any duplication of services provided, individuals and families are only eligible for services that are directly referred from another agency or organization within our Continuum of Care and geographical area that provides direct client services to the homeless population.

Homeless Prevention

If a person or family is about to be on the streets, in a place not meant for human habitation, or access emergency shelter services, limited services may be available to assist them with retaining their rental unit or with being placed into a new rental unit. Please contact us for a complete eligibility assessment for services.

4th Week Program

This program was formed out of a concept that was developed during the authoring of the Continuum of Care’s 10-year plan to end chronic homelessness. The “4th Week Phenomenon” represents monthly population shifts of individuals who live in the inexpensive hotels and motels in the area until their monthly benefit funds run out. They then move into shelters or live on the streets for the “fourth week” of the month or until the money becomes available again for them to move back into the hotels and motels.

If a case manager or service representative from a service provider encounters an individual or family that fits the description of the “4th Week Phenomenon”, they can refer that individual to the 4th Week Program. This program is intended to help people move out of hotels/motels that they cannot afford into transitional or permanent housing. It is not intended to replace emergency shelter or rapid rehousing services to move people into hotels or motels.

Working in partnership to build a comprehensive service delivery system that leads individuals and families from homelessness to self-sufficiency.


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