Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is designed to assist Will County low-income eligible households pay for winter energy services:

  • First business day of September– Income-eligible applicants with an elderly household member (age 60 or older) or a disabled household member may apply for LIHEAP.
  • First business day of October– Income eligible applicants whose service has been disconnected from their primary and/ or secondary energy source, as well as households with children under the age of 6 may apply for LIHEAP. Furnace assistance first becomes available to eligible households applying for LIHEAP whose existing heating systems are non-operational or have been red-tagged by their utility company.
  • First business day of November– all income eligible households may apply for LIHEAP and/or furnace assistance.
  • Applications will be taken through the end of May or until funding has been exhausted, whichever comes first.

There are now two options available under LIHEAP:

Direct Vendor payment: will provide a one-time benefit to eligible households to be used for energy bills. The amount of the payment is determined by income and household size. An overdue bill or shut-off notice is not required. You do not have to own your home or pay energy bills directly to be eligible for assistance. Your source of fuel does not have to be natural gas or electricity in order to receive assistance.

Direct Vendor assistance may be either:

  1. A one-time payment made directly to your gas and/or electric supplier
  2. A one-time payment to you when heat is included in your rent, but only if your rent exceeds 30% of your income

PIPP ( Percentage of Income Payment Program): Under this program the eligible clients will pay a percentage of their income, receive a monthly benefit towards their utility bill, and lower their overdue bills for every on-time payment they make by the bill due date. You must be a customer of Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) or Nicor in order to be eligible for this portion of LIHEAP.

The LIHEAP program also includes an Emergency Furnace Component that will repair or replace non-operational heating systems for income-eligible homeowner-occupied residents. This program is offered starting in October for income eligible household seniors and person w/disability and November for everyone else. To qualify for assistance, you also must be at or below 150% of the poverty level and be able to show proof of ownership (property deed, tax bill or Mortgage statement).

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